How to start sell on Wildberries in 2022

Today we will tell you how a foreign supplier can become a seller on Wildberries in 2022
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e-commerce in Russia

E-commerce is the most interesting market in Russia (and not only in the coming years). According to forecasts, its volume by 2025 will grow by about 4 times compared to 2020 to 10+ billion rubles.
In Russia there are 2 main marketplaces with biggest sales - Wilberries and Ozon, they take 90% of marketshare. Other smaller marketplaces are: Aliexpress Russia, Yandex.Market, Sbermegamarket, Lamoda (fashion only), Kazanexpress, VseInstrumenti (tools only), Citylink (electronics only).

You can read more about selling on Ozon for foreign suppliers here.

Wildberries has been leading the ranking of Russian marketplaces for two years in a row. If you get to this site, you will get the opportunity to work with the leader.

The turnover of the marketplace in 2021 increased by 93% to 844 billion rubles. In the fourth quarter, Wildberries recorded a record turnover of 304.8 billion rubles. This is 101% more than in the same period in 2020, the company said.

What can be sold on Wildberries?
Categories and their growth

Despite the fact that the marketplace started as an online store of fashionable clothes , you can sell almost everything here. Here is a list of product categories that can be offered for sale when registering on the service:

— women's, men's and children's clothing and shoes;
— auto goods, sporting goods, jewelry;
— electronics;
— toys, books, beauty products;
— household goods, pet products;
— other goods.
The fastest growing category in 2020 was "home". In the first half of 2021, the category grew by 893%.
Despite all these advantages, the well-known trading platform has some flaws. The most significant of them are:

  • The site has a rather complex structure, so not all partners manage to quickly figure it out and get started;
  • you need Russian legal entity to register an account;

  • strict requirements for suppliers, registration of cards, packaging of goods;

  • periodic changes in reports, ranging, search engine, tools, rules for suppliers;

  • not the most profitable commission;

  • a strict system of fines for violating the rules of work on the site;

  • weak support service
Despite the disadvantages, Wildberries provides excellent conditions for cooperation
To avoid difficulties in the process of cooperation with the marketplace, it is necessary to work in strict accordance with the terms of the contract and not violate the rules of the platform. Even the "disadvantages" of the platform will not prevent the successful development of trade on the platform and brand promotion, if timely deliveries are made, product cards and specifications are correctly drawn up, orders and customer reviews are handled.

There are 2 ways of doing
business on Wildberries:

FBO (Fulfillment by Operator)
Sale from the marketplace warehouses
FBS (Fulfillment by Seller)
Sale from your warehouse
How to promote a product on Wildberries?

There are 5 forms of internal advertising on the platform + a personal advertising account, which is included in the partner's main personal account


Site Sections

Product card


Search results
    in conclusion
    Thus, we see that the platform provides huge opportunities for business development and selling: promotion tools, small fees, simple work inside the partner cabinet. However, foreign suppliers cannot yet become sellers on Wildberries and here we can help you
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