How to start sell on Russian marketplace Ozon for a foreign supplier

Today we will talk about how foregin seller can start sell on Ozon marketplace
Today we will talk about the oldest e-commerce player in Russia - the Ozon platform. Registration, start of sales, commissions and requirements for partners, warehouses, sales and "why you need to start now" are in our article
E-commerce is the most interesting market in Russia (and not only in the coming years). According to forecasts, its volume by 2025 will grow by about 4 times compared to 2020 to 10+ billion rubles.
The main metric by which players need to be compared is GMV, i.e. total turnover. Ozon now occupies the second position in the market, it is about half the size of Wildberries, but significantly larger than Aliexpress, which follows it, and 2.5 times more than Yandex (Market + Shop + food products) and even more so Sbermegamarket, which entered the market last.

A little bit about OZON in 2022:
  • 30 million regular customers;
  • 100 thousand orders daily;
  • 4 million unique visitors per day;
  • the permanent audience is more than 60 million people;
  • more than 30 million products on the site, distributed in 24 categories;
  • the delivery service of Ozon delivers approximately 200 thousand of its own orders and orders of partners every day;
  • the delivery service (warehouses, pick-up points, and so on) covers 10 thousand localities;
  • If this is not enough, here is another figure: the company's turnover for 2021 amounted to more than 445 billion rubles.
What can be sold on Ozon:
EThe goods are distributed in 24 categories, including almost all products of wide consumer demand.

However, there are some limitations. Firstly, a number of products cannot be sold on the marketplace at all. Everything fits into the legislation of the Russian Federation and the rules of Ozon itself. Drugs, weapons, medicines, alcohol and so on are prohibited for sale.

There are also some product categories for which a number of documents will be asked for sale: passports, certificates of conformity, declarations and certificates. This applies to intimate goods, car parts, antiques, household appliances, children's goods and so on.
Categories on Ozon
Can foreign suppliers sell on Ozon?
You need Russian legal entitiy to start selling on Ozon. Unfortunately, since 2020 foreign company cannot register an account there. (we, being an official technical partner of Ozon, rechecked it before publishing that article in 2022)
Ozon has 2 work options, just like Wildberries
Delivery of goods from own warehouse (FBS) and direct sales from marketplace warehouses (FBO). Let's describe each variant.

FBS (Fulfillment by Seller)

The FBS model works like this: you place your goods on the window of Ozon, and the storage and packaging of products fall on your shoulders. After the position is sold, it must be transferred to the employees of the marketplace for delivery. There are two ways: personally bring the order to one of the reception points within 2 days.

Goals of using FBS sistem:

Suitable for medium sellers
Relieves the headache of last-mile delivery
Suitable for large-sized
No need to think about the turnover

FBO (Fulfillment by Ozon)

The sale of goods from the warehouses of the marketplace. All goods are transferred for storage to Ozon warehouses. After placing an order on the site, the site's employees will make a turnkey delivery: they will pack, contact the buyer and bring it to where it is needed. Fulfillment from Ozon is not cheap, but you save on renting and maintaining your own warehouse, as well as logistics services.

Goals of using FBO system:

Higher position in search results
Marketplace takes over fulfillment
Suitable for small sellers
Suitable for oversized goods Need a lot of momentum

Advantages of work with the Ozon marketplace
  • 1
    The opportunity to work with a famous brand. Good site traffic of the site gives online stores a good target traffic
  • 2
    Built-in marketing tools and analytics
  • 3
    Affiliate programs and referral marketing
  • 4
    The commission is taken only from closed transactions. You will pay only if the order gets the status "delivered
  • 5
    The ability to attract investments using the marketplace
  • 6
    The opportunity to participate in tender purchases
Disadvantages of working with Ozon
  • 1
    Relatively high commissions and prices for additional services: delivery, storage, return and placement on the site. If on the same "Take" you have to unfasten 4-15% of the transaction amount, then Ozon can take up to 40% of the income and even more
  • 2
    Increased requirements for sellers. Only a company registered as an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity can act as a marketplace provider
  • 3
    Mutual settlements are made only in one format, by transferring money to the company's current account
  • 4
    To exchange documents, you will have to connect an electronic document management system. Without this, it is impossible to use the fulfillment from Ozon
Commissions and fees
They depend on two things: the product category and the scheme of working with the marketplace: FBO or FBS. The first is naturally more expensive, but there are also more services that the service takes on in this format. By the way, the difference itself is not that big. For example, the commission for the sale of auto parts from the Ozon warehouse will be 12 percent, and from your own - 10. The system of fees is quite voluminous, you can get acquainted with it in full in the documentation of the marketplace. The smallest commission (5%) is taken for building materials, and most of all you will have to pay for the sale and delivery of second-hand books - 40%.

The commission for the FBO model includes:

1. Product placement on the website

2. Ceptance to the warehouse and storage

3. Packaging and shipping to the buyer

4. Acceptance of refunds
The commission for the sale of goods on the Ozon marketplace is calculated using a calculator
For example:
  1. Household goods (saucepan)
Cost on Ozon: 2451 RUB (32,67 $)
general fee: 428 RUB (5,71 $)
Commission: 245 RUB (3,27 $)
Delivery: 174 RUB (2,32 $)
Refund: 9 RUB (0,11 $)
Paid to supplier: 2023 RUB (26,97 $)
2. Cosmetics (a set of shower gels)
Cost: 549 RUB (7,32 $)
general fee: 125 RUB (1,67 $)
Commission: 55 RUB (0,7 $)
Delivery: 70 RUB (0,9 $)
Refund: 1 RUB (0,01 $)
Paid to supplier: 424 RUB (5,65 $)
3. 宠物用品(猫的食品)
支付给供应商: 264卢布(3,52$)
And what about Ozon warehouses and delivery?
The undoubted feature of the marketplace is an extensive network of central and regional warehouses. Wherever you are, there will definitely be one of them nearby.

Central warehouses are located in the cities nera Moscow (100-200 km) - Tver, Chernaya Griaz and Khorugvino, regional (all around Russia) - in Voronezh, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar and Novosibirsk.

The geography of sales also depends on which warehouse the goods are placed in. What lies on the central ones is seen by buyers throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Only customers from nearby regions can buy items from regional warehouses. That is, if the buyer is in Kazan, he will not even see the position in the warehouse in Novosibirsk. This should be taken into account when placing goods. More information about what customers from different regions can buy can be found here.
In conclusion
Ozon is maximally accessible and open to new sellers. The most relevant categories do not require any brands or certificates, and the EDO connection will be taken over by the platform itself.
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